How To Make Easy Spy Gadgets At Home

How To Make Spy Gadgets At Home Easy

Are you a budding spy?

Do you like spy gear or wish you had the same cool toys that the likes of James Bond have? You can make your own spy gadgets easily with common items that you can find in your own home.

Here are some cool spy tools that you can make at home:

  • Homemade Fingerprint Kit

Every detective and spy needs to be able to lift fingerprints in order to solve a mystery.

You need dark colored chalk, cornstarch a make-up brush and Scotch tape.

Grind the chalk to a fine dust and mix equal part of cornstarch to the powdered chalk.

Sprinkle a bit of the mixed powder on a surface and brush it off gently with the makeup brush.

The lines on the fingerprint should adhere to the dust. Use the scotch tape to lift the fingerprint off the surface.

  • Rearview sunglasses

A spy needs to master the art of tailing someone without being followed.

A good spy is always aware of his surroundings and sometimes he needs to have eyes at the back just in case he is being tailed. You can create your own rear view glasses all you need is a small round mirror, sunglasses, and superglue.

You use the superglue to paste the back of the mirror on the far right lens of your sunglasses then you can really see from the corner of your eye.

  • Homemade Invisible Ink

If you want to send secret messages that you don’t want anybody else to read then use lemon juice.How To Make Spy Gadgets At Home Easy

It is the best invisible ink there is.

To write, simply dab the tip of a paint brush and start writing on a blank piece of paper. To read invisible messages written in invisible ink like lemon juice, you need to expose the paper to heat.

You could use a hair dryer or put the paper in an oven set at low heat or you can use the heat from an incandescent light bulb. Vinegar works just as well but to read a message written with vinegar you will need the juice of a boiled red cabbage.

Once you apply the red juice in the paper the written message should appear in red.

There are a lot of spy tools that you can make at home on your own, all you need is a bit of an imagination and the world may just witness the beginning of a new James Bond.