The benefits of using Gmail to send fax

Gmail has offered an affordable, faster, and easier way to send and receive faxes that reduce the machine related problems such as the jamming of the papers and a busy line. Gmail faxing has great impacts on a business and the environment because it is time saving and has been considered to reduce the use of papers in the office hence saves trees. It is also a way of embracing the technological and social change in business which is profitable. Gmail has many features that support the fax service ensuring that it is beneficial for both business and personal correspondence. You only require an account and an email fax service that will enable you to create the connection between your email and the fax server. You are required to have a virtual fax number that will enable you to receive your faxes via Gmail. The sending of faxes via Gmail has been considered to have numerous benefits.

What are the benefits of using Gmail to send fax?

Automatic conversion of different files to the fax image format

image formatThe most advantageous thing about using the Gmail to send a fax is the ability to automatically convert the various types of files to the format of a fax image that makes it compatible with the different types of fax machines. Moreover, the fax image format can be easily converted to the PDF format to allow easier printing or reading via desktop, laptop or your smartphone. The conversion has been considered to be an easier and a quicker process because it takes a shorter time mainly seconds.

Perfect clarity and quality of the documents

The Gmail faxing service enables you to receive the documents that are of high quality and perfect clarity. The process does not require the scanning of a document because you are only required to send the documents directly from your computer hence will retain the perfect clarity and the color images when you send them. Moreover, the received faxes possess an improved quality because the email faxing is compatible with all the fax machines.

Portability of faxing

The advent of Gmail faxing service has led to the introduction of portability in faxing whereby people can currently send faxes via their smartphones applications and can get the instant notifications about sent or received faxes. The faxing process through your phone is an easier and a free service that will save your time and money. This is probably the greatest benefits of using Gmail to send fax

You get your individual virtual fax Number

fax NumberThe benefits of using Gmail to send fax involves getting your own virtual fax number where you can create it using your local number, toll-free numbers or your current fax number. This will make your sending and receiving of faxes a great overhaul that will benefit your business.