Types of tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlights come in different types and shapes. Unlike the ordinary flashlights, these flashlights are used in hostile environments with no source of light. You will find that most of the tactical flashlights are used by the military and the police. In the modern day, campers and hikers also realize the use of tactical flashlights. To the huge demand for the flashlights, we now have a wide variety to satisfy the needs of everyone who needs light. Find the best tactical flashlights from defenseunit. Each type of flashlight is used for the different purpose to give the user a maximum experience.

Tactical flashlights types

Handheld tactical flashlight

A handheld tactical flashlight can be held in hand, and it is mostly used by hikers and campers. The size of this type of flashlight might vary, but it is made to be light enough to hold. It also has a firm grip to keep it from sliding all the time. A handheld tactical flashlight is probably one of the most common types of flashlights because it can be used virtually every way. When looking for this flashlight, make sure that you look for a rigid look to withstand impact and falls.

tactical flashlight

Rifle Tactical Flashlight

This type of flashlight is mounted on the rifle when aiming at a long distance range. Rifle flashlights are mostly used by the military and especially the snipers. When looking for a shotgun tactical flashlight, make sure that you look for one with has the LED technology for proper focus on the enemy.

Head lamb tactical flashlight

The headlamp tactical flashlight is hand free, and you don’t have to hold it or mount it on a weapon to use. This type of flashlight is worn on the head using a belt-like structure to keep it in position. A head lamp tactical flashlight is used by the police when searching for suspects in dark corners. This is also a simple flashlight for hunting at night.

tactical flashlight

A combo tactical flashlight

Just like the name suggests, a combo tactical flashlight is a combination of the pistol flashlight and the handheld flashlight. It can be used when working with a pistol, but you don’t need to mount it on the pistol itself like the normal pistol tactical flashlight. You can still hold it with your hand while working on your weapon.