A Quick Guide To Getting Lyft Promo Codes

If you are new to Lyft and want to sign up as a driver or passenger, you can use a promo code. Everyone is given a card that has a promo code on it to give them out. The best thing about this promo codes is that first-time users are entitled to promo codes. The value depends on your situation. Moreover, however refers you (referrer), will get a little bit too. If you are a rider and have never taken a ride before, you can enter the promo code when you sign up, and you will get $20 off your first ride. Also, if you are already a rider and have never used a promo code, you can just enter a promo code and get your free $20 ride.

How can you get Lyft promo codes?woman

Depending on your located in, you can get up to $30 in Lyft ride credit. Getting promo codes is quite easy. In case you do not have a promo code, you can ask any Lyft driver to give you his/her promo code or search online; there are numerous promo codes available.

Clicking free rides

You can also find your promo code by clicking “free rides” icon on the home screen of the application. The unique string of numbers and letters will be your Lyft referral code that will identify you as a new rider and you will get a free ride.

Referring friends

If you are an existing customer, the best way to get your free ride is by having your friends sign up with your promo code by clicking your free rides and sharing your code.

Steps on how you can get your first free ride from Lyft promo code

Scodetep 1: Download the application from your store and install it. After installing, open the application and since you are a new user, you should choose the register option.

Step 2
: After filling all the details, click on the icon tab in the top left corner, you will see different tabs available just look for the promotions tab and click it,

Step 3: After clicking the promotion tab, you will be required to enter the Lyft promo code and after entering the promo code, you should have an icon pop up on the website approving confirming the receipt of your first free ride. Now you are ready to take your first Lyft ride free.