Technology Used In Classrooms

Education has undergone a massive transformation in the recent years.

Gone are the days, when the teachers used chalks to write something in the blackboard.

You can visit any school nowadays, and you will find lots of technological equipment used in the classroom.

They help the students to understand the concepts more clearly.

And it is also easier for the teachers.

Technology in the classroom:

Technology Used In Classrooms

1. Digital Microphones:

In a large classroom, it sometimes gets difficult for the teachers due to so much of noise.

In that case, wireless microphones comes extremely handy.

The teachers doesn’t have to exert too much pressure on their voice. With the help of a microphone, the voice can be heard throughout the classroom.

They are also not very expensive, almost all schools can afford them.

Students can also use those to ask their queries to the teachers, or during class debates.

2. Whiteboards:

Technology Used In ClassroomsYou will find a whiteboard in almost all classrooms nowadays.

They have a touch screen, which makes it very easy for the teachers to teach.

With the help of a projector, it is also possible to see images on the board. That is very helpful, because our brain remembers visual images better than plain texts. Students can also use the board to write or draw images.

They are available in all kinds of sizes. But the wide ones are generally better, because the images are more clear and two students can use it simultaneously.

Most of them are generally powered by electricity, and can be switched on or off with just a button.

Another good feature is that, whiteboards can also be used to save some important notes or images.

3. Online medias:

Streaming medias are also widely used in classrooms nowadays.

Most of the teachers frequently use websites like YouTube to make the students understand better.

For example, during a Geography Class, the teachers prefer to show videos on volcanic eruptions and how they harm the environment.

This way, the students learn much more efficiently and quickly.

4. Mobile Phones:

Maybe, mobile phones was banned from classrooms a few years ago, but nowadays they have an important role.Technology Used In Classrooms

They are small in size, easy to carry and capable of doing almost all the things a computer does.

Many schools and universities have their own app, where students can have access to all the relevant course materials and also the students may be allowed to post their doubts over there.

Apart from this, there are many other educational apps available, which helps the students to gain more exposure and to constantly update their knowledge.